Suede and Brushed Leather

Suede and Brushed Leather

When you buy any leather article, always coat it with a good Water and Stain Protector before you use it even once. It will guard against moisture stains and soil. We recommend Garde by Apple Polish.

When your article becomes soiled, brush it lightly with a nylon Suede Brushto raise the nap of the leather. For stubborn spots, use a Suede Stone. It works like a pumice stone.

EZ Cleaner (Lincoln) is an effective shampoo for suede and brushed leather. Work it into the leather with a soft, dry cloth and wipe it clean with a slightly damp cloth.  Apple Polish makes an excellent Suede and Nubuck Cleaner as well.

Finally, spray on a quality Garde –be sure to follow the directions on the can. This will condition and condition the article.

White buck shoes can be re-whitened with a Buck Bag after being cleaned. The instructions on the bag are easy to follow.

To renew the colors navy, black, or brown (see Color Restoration)