Color Restoration

Color Restoration

When the color of your favorite article is worn-looking or unsatisfactory, the renewal process on most leather goods is a simple one.

To re-dye an entire shoe, select the appropriate color Dye. Before applying, vigorously rub down the article with Leather Preparer. This product will remove dirt and the old finish, and will make the leather more receptive to a new finish. Let the Leather Preparer dry for about 12 hours.

Apply the Dye in short, scattered mists until the entire area is covered with a natural looking finish. Let this covering dry overnight. Be sure to cover any areas not to be dyed with masking tape.

Apply Leather Balm to condition and soften the new finish, then use Water and Stain Protector to preserve it. The shoe should be buffed with a Shine Cloth for a finished look.

Suede Color Restoration

After completing the suede cleaning process as described in Suede and Brushed Leather, the color may be renewed with the appropriate color ofSuede Renew, sprayed on after covering the non-suede areas with masking tape.Suede color resoration is successful only for dark colored suede.