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Common Shoe Repairs

Joe Fortuna at Fortuna's Shoe and Leather Repair in 1940

Joe Fortuna, circa 1940, giving a grade school tour of Fortuna’s Shoe and Leather Repair

Heels (Lifts): Whether for men’s or ladies’ shoes, lift replacement means replacing the bottommost layer on the heel. Sometimes the heel has been worn down beyond the original lift layer but that is not a cause for concern. Our craftsmen know how to build up to the original height or even completely rebuild the entire heel if necessary. Heel lifts can be done in a variety of materials including rubber, leather, crepe, foam, and a combination or English lift. If you are unsure as to the best material for your shoe, ask the craftsman’s advice.

Dowels, Rubber, Foam, Crepe, Leather, and Combination

Soles: Soles for men’s and ladies’ shoes can almost always be replaced when they have worn out. We use the same materials and same thickness that the shoemaker designed the shoe to have. If you are interested in trying some other material, ask the advice of the craftsman. The craftsman can tell you if the shoe’s wear would be better served by the use of some other material. For men’s shoes, the repaired shoe would better serve the wearer with a full sole. A full sole includes heel replacement and is considered a rebuild. Usually ladies’ shoes require only a half sole. In the case of some well loved flat styles of ladies’ shoes, the wearer and the craftsman may decide to full sole the shoes. As with men’s shoes, this includes heel replacement and is considered a rebuild.

Leather, Rubber, Neolite, Foam, Crepe, Vibram

Boat/Deck, European (Protective Soles), Continental (Thin Leather), and Boots

* Ask about the option of half soles