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Luggage Damage

Worried About Luggage Damage?

Statistics have proven that a very small percentage of luggage is damaged during air travel. However, if your bag is damaged, it is an inconvenience. You can help reduce the risk of damaged luggage. Here are some tips for you:

Things to Know When Buying New Luggage

  1. Purchase luggage to meet your demanding traveling needs. People who travel extensively for business heave different luggage needs than those who enjoy occasional leisurely travel. Your luggage retailer can help you make the best purchase if he knows what your needs and expectations are.
  2. Read the luggage warranty carefully. Know what types of damage the manufacturer does and does not cover.

Use Some Common Sense When Checking Luggage

  1. Only check luggage that is sturdy enough to withstand airline luggage handling systems.
  2. Never check a bag that doesn’t completely close. If you need a luggage strap or a bungee cord to keep the bag closed, it probably won’t survive the trip.
  3. Never check a bag that has broken components such as wheels, handles, latches, and locks.
  4. Never check a bag that is meant to be carried on. Most briefcases, tote bags, plastic garment covers, and items received through retail promotions are not designed to be checked luggage.
  5. Don’t overpack. Overpacking puts a strain on zippers, seems, frames, and hinges.
  6. Clearly label your luggage with your name, current address, and phone number.
  7. Check your bag carefully in the luggage claims area before departing the airport.
  8. Consider replacing old or worn luggage. Luggage that is several years old may not be able to withstand today’s automated luggage handling systems.

Remember–TSA now requires that checked luggage be left unlocked or locked with TSA approved locks.

What to do About Damaged Luggage

Report any damage immediately to the baggage service center for your airline. Damage claims should be filed before leaving the airport. By not following this procedure, you risk that the damage will not be covered by your  airline.

Manufacturer Warranty does not cover DAMAGE of any kind.  Warranty covers “factory defect” only!

Have a Complaint About Airline-Damaged Luggage?

Aviation Consumer Protection Division
U.S. Department of Transportation C-75
400 7th St., SW, Room 4107
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